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If you are looking for mobile home insurance in Ocala - Grubbs Insurance Agency can help you get the best value with the least stress. Because we are an independent insurance broker contracted with over 50 carriers nationwide, Grubbs agents can search well-known companies like Progressive, Hartford, Metlife, Nationwide, Citizens, GMAC, and more for the policy that best fits your needs and budget. 

Mobile home insurance typically covers 2 types of coverage. Your home and belongings are protected by "physical damage" coverage. You are protected in the event someone is injured at your home under "personal liability" coverage. These coverage options are usually available whether you live in the home full time or seasonally, and whether you lease the property or use it for commercial purposes. Also, we may be able to secure a sizable discount by bundling your home and auto insurance with the same carrier.

More About Physical Damage

Physical damage coverage pays when events like fire, hail, wind, or theft occur. This coverage protects your home, belongings and other structures on the property (like patios, decks, garages and sheds). The amount of coverage varies from policy to policy. Your Grubbs Mobile home insurance specialist can help you find the right coverage for your needs.

Be careful of policies that cover only specific types of loss - often called named "peril policies". Lower premiums may seem like a bargain until you have a disaster that is not covered by your policy. You should also be aware that the typical mobile home insurance policy does not cover a mobile home while it is being moved. Therefore if you are planning to move the mobile home, for example from a mobile home park to your own land, be sure to tell your agent. Also, like regular homeowner's insurance, flood insurance is usually not covered. Your Grubbs insurance agent can tell you if your property is located in a flood zone and how much flood insurance would cost.

Mobile Home Insurance Ocala FL - Grubbs Insurance Agency

Personal Liability Coverage

Property damage is not the only loss or financial liability you could experience. Liability insurance coverage kicks in when someone is hurt while on your property, or you accidentally damage their property. Claims can include lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more. The standard liability coverage may be less than your potential liability, therefore it's not a bad move to purchase additional liability coverage.

Let Grubbs Insurance Agency help you find the policy that is perfect for your needs. We will shop from dozens of respected insurance companies for the right coverage at the right price. We are here to help!

Advantages of Grubbs Insurance

We believe there are several reasons to trust Grubbs Insurance Agency to help you select the best Life Insurance policy for your family. We are a smaller agency, with only 4 agents. However, altogether we have over 135 years of experience in the insurance industry. As an insurance broker, we can effectively and efficiently shop from over 50 insurance providers for you. Our unique software can sift through hundreds of insurance policies from multiple providers instantly to find the perfect fit for your needs.

We are not a big national outfit - we are local to Ocala. As local agents, who have helped people with their life insurance in Ocala for decades, you can depend on us to be here after the application. We can often handle everything right over the phone, fax and email. Most of the time, you won't need to come to our office. But we are here if you want to! Because we are local our reputation means everything to our agents. We are family run, and value each and every relationship. No question is a problem. No claim is an interruption in our day. We care about you and your situation before, during and after the application.

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